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Dollar Tree, Family Dollar no longer requiring customers to wear face masks in stores Staff




Photo by Mike Mozart (CC BY 2.0)

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar have reversed course, saying customers are no longer required to wear face coverings in certain stores.

This comes roughly two weeks after Dollar Tree, Inc., which owns both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, announced customers must wear face coverings.

The company has since updated its mask policy to “request” face coverings in stores where state and local mandates are not in effect.

The policy states that the company will continue to require face coverings in states or localities where masks are mandated.

It is unclear why Dollar Tree made the change, but the reversal comes as major national retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, and Aldi have decided to require face coverings in their stores.

The CDC says wearing a facial covering while in public indoor spaces is among the best ways to stymie the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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