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Ohio’s disturbing upward trend of coronavirus cases continues as health officials report over 700 new cases





File Photo: Microbiologist Kerry Pollard performs a manual extraction of the coronavirus inside an extraction lab (Photo courtesy Gov Tom Wolf / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Ohio’s disturbing upward trend of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continued Tuesday as health officials reported over 700 new positive cases.

According to the Ohio Department of Health’s coronavirus dashboard, the state recorded a total of 51,789 cases of COVID-19 in the state, up 743 from Monday.

There have been a total of 7,839 hospitalizations in Ohio, up 93 from Monday.

At least 2,863 people have been confirmed to have died with COVID-19, up 45 from Monday, and there have been a total of 1,994 admissions to intensive care units in the state.

“Thankfully, ICU and ventilator utilization at the state level is still holding steady, but we are seeing increases in some areas of the state, such as in the Cleveland, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas,” said Gov. Mike DeWine. “In other regions of the state, COVID-19 hospital occupancy had been declining but now appears to have leveled off.”

Although COVID-19 utilization in hospitals is increasing, there is still adequate overall capacity available across the state as of today, DeWine said.

No region has reached the concern threshold of 80 percent overall utilization for ICU beds, however lessons of recent history in NYC, Houston, and Arizona indicate that this can quickly change.

Gov. DeWine says while the state of Ohio has increased its testing, that’s not the entire reason why the state is seeing an increase in numbers.

“We have increased testing but no analyst I have talked to believes that the total increase is due to that at all,” DeWine said.

DeWine said other indicators, such as reduction in age of coronavirus patients and an increase in hospitalizations, suggest that the virus is continuing to spread throughout communities.

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