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Ohio GOP lawmaker posts bizarre rant against COVID-19 safety measures: ‘Things are stupid’ Staff




An Ohio Republican lawmaker posted a bizarre rant on Facebook Tuesday, targeting her local bank and a department store over measures implemented to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

State Rep. Candice Keller (R-Middletown), whose term as representative for the 53rd Ohio House district is up at the end of the year, claims she told her bank that she will close her accounts if they don’t open their lobby.

“I told my bank today that if they don’t open the lobby within 7 days, I’m closing all accounts there,” Keller wrote in the Facebook rant. “I can’t do everything that a drive-up window and they’re offering pennies of interest on my money while providing minimal customer service.”

The day before threatening to close her bank accounts, Keller says she was shopping at a local department store when she learned they are not accepting cash at this time.

“Yesterday, I walked out of a local department store that no longer accepts cash, and left all my unbought [sic] items on the counter. Then I spent $130 elsewhere. In cash,” Keller claimed in the post.

“I don’t shop or eat at any establishment that requires a mask. I’m not sick. Not that it’s anyone’s business. I’m not mean and heartless. I’m independent and things are stupid,” Keller wrote.

Keller, who lost her bid for the Ohio Senate in the 2020 primary election, was chided on social media for her remarks.

“She is the Karenest Karen of all,” Jess Hall wrote.

“I wish there was an eyeroll reaction,” Columbus woman Annie Smith said.

Keller recently lost an Ohio Senate primary election to State Rep. George Lang (R-West Chester Twp.).

She made headlines last year for a Facebook post in which she blamed the Dayton mass shooting on “drag queen advocates,” open borders, gay marriage, and marijuana.

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