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Ohio coronavirus cases rise by 854, total surpasses 50,000 Staff




The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) on Sunday reported a total of 50,309 cases of the novel coronavirus, up 854 since Saturday.

ODH reports that there have been 7,681 hospitalizations in Ohio as a result of the coronavirus, with 2,807 total deaths and 1,946 admissions to intensive care units.

The age range of those infected in the state remains between less than 1 year old to 109 years old, with a median age of 46 years old.

The department reported 2,804 deaths and 49,455 infections on Saturday.

According to the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine COVID-19 dashboard, there are now more than 2,531,733 confirmed cases of the coronavirus throughout the United States, the most cases out of any country in the world.

There have been at least 125,691 deaths throughout the country of those with the coronavirus.