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Mayor Aaron Montz declares Veterans PTSD Awareness Day in Tiffin Staff




TIFFIN — Mayor Aaron Montz on Saturday declared the day as Veterans PTSD Awareness Day.

“I have formally declared today to be Veterans PTSD Awareness Day in the City of Tiffin,” Montz wrote in a Facebook post announcing the official proclamation.

“Between 10% and 30% of all service members will develop PTSD within a year of leaving combat, while others may not develop symptoms until years later. Raising awareness of this condition is necessary to remove the stigma and encourage those suffering from PTSD to seek proper and timely treatment that may save lives,” Montz explained.

Montz wrote in the proclamation that “all citizens suffering from PTSD deserve our consideration, and those who are affected by PTSD from wounds received while protecting our freedom, deserve our respect and special honor.”

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