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Construction on road and bridge projects, pavement repair program underway in Tiffin




Construction is underway for the City of Tiffin’s 2020 Pavement Repair Program, with the city expecting to spend approximately $850,000 towards resurfacing its 89 miles of roadway, among other projects.

The $850,000 spend is a substantial increase from the $664,000 spent in 2019 and the $412,000 spent in 2018.

The project is scheduled to continue through most of the summer and fall months and is anticipated to be completed by the end of October.

The Ella Street Canal Bridge Project has begun construction. This $509,000 project will repair the existing bridge, which had weight restrictions that prohibited traffic including fire trucks, snow plows, and school buses, and also widen the sidewalks on each side of the bridge to improve pedestrian safety and complete a connectivity component of the City of Tiffin’s Active Transportation Plan. This project is scheduled to be complete by mid-August.

Construction has also started on the Railroad Safety Project. Currently, CSX and the City of Tiffin’s Public Works Department are working to improve the safety of the East Perry Street, East Market Street, Clinton Avenue, Wall Street, and Nelson Street crossings through the installation of quad gates and vehicle loop detection. This project in conjunction with a large scale road improvement project, that is scheduled to take place next year within the intersection of East Perry and East Market Streets, will finalize the City of Tiffin’s application for a Railroad Quiet Zone.

Construction is also currently underway on the City of Tiffin’s Water Pollution Control Center Upgrade Project. This $11,671,000 improvement project is an essential piece to the City of Tiffin’s EPA mandated Long Term Control Plan. This project will increase the capacity of the City of Tiffin’s Water Pollution Control Center to 13 MGD. This project is anticipated to be complete in the Summer of 2021.

The design has also begun on the Ella Street River Bridge. This estimated $4.5 million project is scheduled to begin construction in late 2022. The City of Tiffin has already successfully leveraged the Road & Bridge Levy funds to secure $2 million in federal funding towards this project. The city intends to continue to pursue additional funding sources prior to the start of construction.

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