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Tyler Shuff declared official winner in Republican primary race for Seneca County Commissioner Staff




Tiffin City Councilman Tyler Shuff (R) was declared the official winner in the Republican primary race for Seneca County Commissioner.

The primary election concluded on April 28, and official results including provisional ballots were released Monday by the Seneca County Board of Elections.

In addition to ballots that were included in the unofficial count released April 28, the Board of Elections says 170 provisional and mail-in ballots were approved Monday and added to the count.

Shuff previously led his opponent, Adams Township Trustee William “Bill” Frankart (R), by a margin of just 1.18% in the unofficial results released April 28.

The official results released Monday show Shuff beating Frankart by 84 votes, or a percentage margin of 1.06%.

In all likelihood, Shuff will now go on to become the newest Seneca County Commissioner, succeeding Shayne Thomas, as there were no Democratic or independent candidates that have filed to run for the seat in the November general election.

CandidateVotes% of Votes
Tyler Shuff (R)4,01150.53%
William Frankart (R)3,92749.47%
Total Votes Cast7,938

Official results released by Seneca County Board of Elections via Facebook Live stream Monday, May 18, 2020

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