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Tiffin Police Department investigating death of 15-year-old girl Staff




The Tiffin Police Department is investigating the death of a 15-year-old female.

On Wednesday at midnight, Tiffin Fire & Rescue were dispatched to the first block of Teakwood Dr. for a 15 year old female having a seizure.

Once the paramedics arrived, the female juvenile was transported to Tiffin Mercy where she passed away.

Detectives began an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the juvenile’s passing.

Information given to police was that the juvenile had recent involvement with a group on the social media app Snapchat.

Concerns from multiple sources suggested that the contact could have been tied to her death.

Investigators have visited the scene where she passed, spoken with family and reviewed EMS reports.

To this point, investigators have found no evidence that suggested her death was anything but an unfortunate medical emergency.

Investigators have spoken with the Lucas County Coroner’s Office and are awaiting a preliminary ruling from them as to the cause of death.

In regards to the Snapchat account, investigators are looking into the complaint, although at this time there is no evidence to show the juvenile’s contact with the group was a causative factor in her passing.

Anyone who may have direct knowledge (names, emails, text messages, photos, screenshots) regarding the Snapchat account tiffin_exposed, or a similar variation of the name, is encouraged to contact Tiffin Police.

The information may be forwarded directly to Det. Lt. Mark E Marquis at

This is a developing story.

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