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Tiffin Calvert responds to complaints about seniors taking post-graduation photos together at park Staff




TIFFIN — The head administrator of Calvert Catholic Schools is responding after criticisms have been circulating on social media regarding seniors from the Class of 2020 taking photos together at Hedges-Boyer Park following a “drive-in style” ceremony at the high school’s parking lot.

“Despite guidelines, this school went ahead and met up at Hedges. No social distancing. No masks. Also smoking,” one concerned Tiffin resident wrote alongside photos taken from Instagram and Facebook posts.

“Tiffin Calvert grads gathering at Hedges Boyer Park and congregating…. No masks, no distancing. Where is the health department?” another concerned resident wrote in a direct Facebook message to the page.

“How does Calvert think this is ok? Governor DeWine said gatherings of more than 10 aren’t allowed. This is definitely in violation of that,” a Tiffin woman wrote in a Facebook post along with a screenshot of a photo shared to social media of the Hedges-Boyer Park gathering.

Dr. Jeremy Marinis, Head of Calvert Catholic Schools, defended the district, telling WNWO in an interview over the phone that the school did not sponsor the gathering at Hedges-Boyer Park, and that it did not take place on school property.

Instead, the school hosted a graduation ceremony Tuesday where students and their families stayed in their vehicles and tuned into a radio station to hear speakers at the event.

“At the conclusion of the ceremony, when students and families are outside of Calvert’s, or the district’s, parameters, it is difficult for us to continue to control and monitor how individuals act,” Marinis told WNWO.

At the graduation ceremony Tuesday, students participated in a “drive-in style” ceremony in the high school’s parking lot. After the ceremony, many students and families went to Hedges-Boyer Park, where yard signs featuring photos of graduates were displayed.

Critics say the graduating seniors and families did not follow social distancing guidelines when they decided to exit their vehicles for photos.

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