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Ohio health officials hiring coronavirus ‘contact tracers’ to help stop spread of COVID-19 Staff




The Ohio Department of Health is looking to hire contact tracers and supervisors to help track down how COVID-19 is spreading throughout the state.

The contact tracers are “disease detectives” who will gather critical information from Ohio residents diagnosed with COVID-19 by identifying their contacts and calling every contact who lives in Ohio.

The supervisory role will oversee, support and assist a unit of contact tracers.

“Are you interested in helping track down where COVID-19 is spreading? Are you a great communicator, even in difficult situations? Check out the Ohio Department of Health’s COVID-19 Contact Tracer and Supervisor opportunities. The positions are temporary during the response and the hours/workdays will vary based on need,” said Melanie Amato, press secretary for the Ohio Department of Health.

“Limiting contacts means the virus isn’t able to infect other people, so contact tracing is very important because we want to know where that disease is and if that person may be not sick enough to be hospitalized,” Amato continued. “We may never know if they’re a positive case of COVID so contact tracing is important because we can follow where the disease has been and where it started and how it spread so as quickly as we can isolate and quarantine people that any have come in contact with that positive case the more we are not letting the virus continue on.”

Work is mostly remote with some travel necessary at times to conduct in-person interviews. The part-time position pays $18.59 an hour.

To find more information or apply for the positions, click here to go to the Ohio Department of Health jobs website.

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