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Tiffin company producing emergency supply of air filters for respirators amid COVID-19 pandemic Staff




A Tiffin-based company is building a new machine that can produce a replaceable air filter cartridge for 3M’s Versaflo powered air respirators every 20 seconds, amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

E-Systems Design & Automation, Inc. President Don Bagent told WTOL’s Jon Monk in an interview that usually a job of this complexity would take 12 weeks, but his dedicated staff and his own suppliers stepped up and found a way to get the job done in only 2 weeks.

“Not only did we design around what was available in stock, but they bent over backwards and said ‘The next one out the door’s going to be yours,’ so we got… You know, it was wonderful, on what suppliers did for us,” Bagent told WTOL.

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