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Tiffin City Schools superintendent found guilty of OVI again Staff




Gary Barber

Tiffin City Schools superintendent Gary Barber has been found guilty of OVI (operating a vehicle impaired) this week after previously being convicted of the same charge in 2017.

Barber was charged in November 2019 with OVI, a felony, and traffic lanes/line violation, a misdemeanor, according to Marion Municipal Court records.

Barber pleaded no contest to the charge of OVI and was found guilty, according to court records. The traffic lanes/line violation charge was dismissed.

Barber was sentenced to 180 days in jail, with 177 days suspended. He was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine, with $450 suspended.

Barber’s driver’s license has been suspended until Nov. 29, 2020, and he will be required to attend a driver intervention program as well as any court-ordered counseling, according to court records.

Barber previously resigned from the district, effective July 31.

Barber will remain on paid medical leave through July 31 and will receive a $20,000 payment for longevity, according to a settlement agreement reached by the district and Barber.

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Barber was previously found guilty of OVI in 2017, shortly after being hired by Tiffin City Schools. He previously served as superintendent of Marion City Schools.

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