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Sherrod Brown endorses Joe Biden for president




Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) on Tuesday endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden (D) for president.

Brown said in a statement that Biden has dedicated his life to serving our country, and “has never forgotten whom he fights for: the millions of Americans who are working hard, but feel like they can’t earn their way to a better life, no matter how hard they work.”

“Dignity of Work isn’t a slogan — it’s who we are, and how we govern; Joe Biden understands that,” Brown said.

In addition, Brown said that as we face both a public health crisis with the novel coronavirus pandemic, as well as the economy in turmoil, “we need a steady hand more than ever.”

“Joe Biden has the experience, the tenacity, and the empathy to lead in a crisis, and the hope to bring us together, and steer us toward brighter days ahead,” Brown said.

Ohio’s primary was scheduled to be held March 17, but it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Voters in Ohio now have until April 25 to request a vote-by-mail ballot and have until April 27 to mail them in or drop them off at their county board of elections.

In-person voting will be available on April 28 at early voting centers only for individuals with disabilities who require it and for those who do not have a home mailing address.

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