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Seneca County Board of Elections reports ‘computer glitch’ with primary election tally Staff




TIFFIN — A computer glitch reportedly struck the Seneca County Board of Elections while they were tallying results from the 2020 primary election on Tuesday.

Early information indicates that there were too many votes for each candidate. Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz took to Facebook to share an example. There were around 8,100 Republican ballots cast in Seneca County, yet there are nearly 15,800 votes for Seneca County Commissioner.

“The Sheriff’s race appears to be even farther off, as again there should be around 8,100 votes yet there are more than 19,000 between the three candidates,” Montz said in a Facebook post Tuesday evening shortly before midnight.

The previously released results were not accurate due to a computer glitch, but Board of Elections Chairman James Fruth said early Wednesday morning, shortly after midnight, that 3 audits have been conducted, using 2 separate computers and a by-hand audit.

“Quite simply there was a data input error at the beginning, which created imbalances in the totals,” Fruth said. “We have now conducted three audits, with two independent, separate computers, and a hand audit, and all three numbers match and they make sense now.”

“We made a mistake that led to some errors in the initially reported unofficial results. After quickly identifying the problem, we were able to triple check our work and issue corrected unofficial totals,” said Board Deputy Director Lori Ritzler. “We are fully committed to accuracy and worked into the early morning hours to make sure we could fix the mistake that was made. Everyone is human, and the best hope for us is that we will all have learned a valuable lesson from this. I know I have.”

The updated unofficial results in Seneca County can be viewed here.

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