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Seneca County Auditor notifies property owners of upcoming appraiser visits Staff




TIFFIN — Seneca County Auditor Julie Adkins is notifying property owners in the county that an appraiser will be visiting properties in the coming weeks to obtain updated information regarding new construction or demolition.

Adkins said property owners do not have to be home as it is an outdoor inspection. “Depending on the type of new construction, our appraiser may have questions regarding the interior of the dwelling which she can acquire from you if you are home,” Adkins said. “If you are not home, she may leave an inquiry card for you to complete and return to our office.”

In light of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Adkins said her officer is implementing “enhanced measures” to ensure the safety of their staff and the public.

“Until further notice, our appraiser will be wearing a mask and gloves while conducting any work on taxpayer properties. The appraiser will knock on your door to announce her presence, but you do not have to answer. If you decide to answer the door, our appraisal staff has been advised to follow the recommended 6 feet of physical distancing,” Adkins said.

In order for property owners to identify the appraiser, they will be driving a silver vehicle, with a sign indicating Julie A. Adkins, Seneca County Auditor Reappraisal.

The appraiser will knock at the front door to announce their arrival. They will then ask questions about the property that will help Adkins’ office with their analysis. Then, the appraiser will take exterior photos and measure the perimeter of any buildings that they see are in need of updating information in their records.

The appraiser may leave either an inquiry card requesting more information from you, or leave a door hanger to notify you that they were on your property, if no one was home at the time.

“Because property taxes are billed in arears (the January after the tax year has ended), any changes found on your property will be reflected in the property tax bill you receive in January of 2021. Taxes that are due in 2020 will not be affected,” Adkins said.

If you have any questions you’re encouraged to contact Adkins’ office at (419) 447-0692.

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