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Rachel Crooks re-enters local politics scene, endorses Chris Liebold for state representative




TIFFIN — Former 2018 state representative candidate Rachel Crooks (D-Tiffin) re-entered the local political scene on Monday, sending a mass e-mail to supporters for the first time since losing to incumbent Rep. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin), in which she endorsed Fremont City Councilman Chris Liebold (D-Fremont) for the 88th Ohio House district seat she unsuccessfully sought two years ago.

In an e-mail message entitled “It’s been a while, but we need to talk…”, Crooks wrote “Ohio has been looked to as a leader in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. But, Ohio is not without its issues. In fact, our Republican leaders recently declared abortions a nonessential procedure, as they once again try to chip away at women’s reproductive rights.”

“I was proud to stand up for women in 2016 when I spoke out against Donald Trump and again as a candidate in 2018, and now, I am happy to support a friend who will do the same,” Crooks wrote in the email obtained by News.

Crooks, 37, has told her story numerous times about how, while working as a secretary for an investment firm in Trump Tower in 2006, she walked over to say hello to Trump at a bank of elevators, where, she says, he grabbed her and kissed her multiple times.

She said Trump kissed her “directly on the mouth” against her will. Trump denied the accusations when they first surfaced a month before the 2016 election.

“Meet Chris Liebold, the Democrat running for Ohio’s 88th House District – the same seat I ran for just 2 years ago. Chris is young, smart, and driven. He stood by me during my campaign and even served as my campaign manager when we were just getting started,” Crooks wrote in the e-mail to supporters.

Crooks requested her supporters to chip into Liebold’s campaign with a donation of $25.

“I know we can flip this district blue with your support,” Crooks wrote. “Your support could mean all the difference in the fight to protect women’s rights in Ohio.”

Liebold is a recent University of Toledo College of Law graduate and works at a law firm in Fremont alongside serving as a city councilman.

Liebold is the only Democratic candidate on the primary ballot for the 88th district Ohio House seat, which includes all of Sandusky County and the majority of Seneca County.

The seat is currently held by Rep. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin), who is in his third term and is currently running for state senate.

Three Republicans are duking it out in a heated primary race for the seat: controversial Fremont-area pastor Gary Click, Seneca County Commissioner Shayne Thomas, and Fremont-based environmental engineer Ed Ollom.

Originally from Green Springs, Liebold moved to Fremont and was elected to city council in 2018. Liebold also currently serves as Chairman of the Sandusky County Democratic Party.


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