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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine issues order allowing carryout alcoholic beverages




With the restaurant industry suffering under Ohio’s business closure order amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Mike DeWine signed an order Tuesday in hopes of assisting the industry, which can only offer carryout, curbside pickup, drive-thru, and delivery options at this time.

DeWine’s order allows for establishments with a liquor license to sell and deliver drinks, including ones containing high-proof liquor.

There are some stipulations to the order, however.

Spirituous liquor drinks sold by restaurants cannot contain more than two ounces of spirituous liquor per container. All drinks must be sold in a closed container.

Any drinks sold under this order must include a food purchase from the premises. No more than two drinks may be sold per meal.

The liquor license holder must comply with all applicable state tax laws. Restaurants remain subject to all liquor laws and rules including hours of operation, minimum age requirements, and prohibition against sales to intoxicated persons.

Patrons are not permitted to drink beverages inside the establishments and all purchases will be subject to open container law upon leaving the premises.

As of Tuesday at 2 p.m., the Ohio Department of Health reports there are 4,782 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ohio, 1,354 of which have resulted in hospitalization — with 417 ICU admissions and 167 deaths.

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