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Montz files complaint with Ohio AG over price gouging at Tiffin gas stations




Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz on Thursday filed a written and oral complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s office regarding what he believes are “unfair gasoline and diesel prices throughout the Tiffin community.”

Montz says prices in Tiffin are averaging more than 40 cents per gallon higher than many of its neighboring cities, and diesel prices “are even worse.”

“I feel this is extremely unfair to our residents and businesses, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic. I was informed that the more of you who also file complaints, the more likely action will be taken to achieve fair and equitable fuel prices for Tiffin consumers,” Montz said.

Montz encouraged residents to consider calling 1-(800) 282-0515 to file a complaint. He says the entire process takes less than five minutes and you will speak to a live operator.

“Please note, this is not the fault or action of local employees. This is an issue higher up the chain so please do not mistreat or blame our local convenience store workers, they have enough on their plates already,” Montz added.

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