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Death under investigation in Tiffin Staff




TIFFIN — An investigation is underway after a woman died Monday of what authorities say appeared to be a drug overdose.

Around 4:35 p.m. on Monday, the Tiffin Police Department received a report of an unresponsive woman at 221 First Ave.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the unresponsive woman along with a 40-year-old man, Todd Duffey, who told police he wasn’t sure what had happened, according to a police report.

Duffey told officers that the woman, identified as 35-year-old Tabetha Matthews, came to the location to “hang out” before he fell asleep and awoke later to find Matthews unresponsive.

Matthews was pronounced dead by Tiffin Fire Rescue Division.

According to the report, Duffey called another woman to tell her that Matthews was unresponsive. The woman who received the call from Duffey reported the incident to police.

Authorities executed a search warrant at the property and found a crushed white pill along with digital scales, a foil wrap with a crystalline substance in it, and a syringe.

The case remains under investigation.

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