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Sauced in New Riegel to offer free boxed lunches to area students amid school closures Staff




A New Riegel-based restaurant will offer free boxed lunches to area students amid school closures over growing fears of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Over the last few days, we’ve seen many posts by friends on Facebook, looking for ways to offer help to parents and children in need as they adjust to area schools being closed. Thanks in part to these posts, in addition to a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, Sauced has decided to offer free boxed lunches to parents who have children who depend on lunches provided by the area schools Monday-Friday,” a Facebook from Sauced owners Erin and Alex Love states.

Sauced will offer two options, including either a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a ham and cheese sandwich, apple, carrots, and bag of chips from the hours of 11am-1pm, Monday-Friday (March 16 – April 3), while schools are closed.

“We encourage those of you who truly need assistance for your children to visit us through our drive-thru on these days to pick up lunches for them. We ask that this act is not abused by those who don’t truly need it. There is no need to call or message us regarding this; just come through the drive-thru and tell us how many of each option you need for that particular day,” the Loves stated.

“Please note that Sauced is not open for business during this window. We are not looking to profit off of this in any way whatsoever, and will not be offering anything for sale from our menu or drive-thru. We’re simply looking to do good, and give back just a fraction of what this community and surrounding area has given us,” they added.

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