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Miss Cindy’s Cookies teams up with Madison Street Tavern to offer food, cookies for carryout Staff




Madison Street Tavern owner Chris Chase (left) with Miss Cindy's Cookies owner Micah Kirchner (Photo: Facebook)

A local cookie company has teamed up with Madison Street Tavern in Downtown Tiffin to offer “the best food and the best cookies in town” for carryout.

Micah Kirchner of Miss Cindy’s Cookies announced in a Facebook post that his company is “proud to announce the greatest collaboration in the City of Tiffin… we have partnered up with Madison Street Tavern…”

When ordering from MST for carryout, customers can now add 2 packs of chocolate chip, M&M, or gingersnap cookies to your order of chicken chunks, wings, burgers, or whatever it is you’re ordering from Madison Street.

“Thank you for supporting your local business!” Kirchner exclaimed.

Kirchner used to love baking cookies with his grandmother, Marilyn Werling. Little did he know that decades down the road, it would turn into something much greater.

After years of people encouraging her to do so, in 2005 Cindy Kirchner, Micah’s mother, opened a home baked cookie business called Cookies by Cindy, LLC.

Kirchner’s business used the very same recipes that her mother passed onto them, the ones Micah used to make with his grandmother when he was younger.

Cindy Kirchner started out small, selling her cookies in a couple local gas stations. Then, in 2011, Micah decided he wanted to go into business with his mother. He expanded the business so that Cookies by Cindy could be found in 6 locations in the Tiffin area.

In 2015, Cookies by Cindy was closed. But now, 4 years later, Micah has not only opened the cookie business again, but he’s giving it a bit of a face lift and plans to expand it further.

The new business is called Miss Cindy’s Cookies Ltd. Originally, you could only find these cookies in Molyet’s Farm Market.

However, Kirchner has expanded the business again so you are now able to buy the cookies at Molyet’s, Shell Gas Station on SR 100, and Al’s Convenience Store (Marathon Gas) in the Westgate shopping area.

Micah says he likes to give back to the community, doing what he can for local charities. He has already donated to the Tiffin Annual Bar Crawl, and supplied the Seneca County United Way with about 20 dozen cookies to help with their annual Ladies Night.

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