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Frisch’s offering carryout groceries amid coronavirus pandemic Staff




Don’t feel like going into all the madness at the grocery store amid the novel coronavirus pandemic?

Frisch’s Big Boy is now offering groceries through carryout and drive-thru at select locations.

A new initiative, “Big Boy’s Market,” allows people to shop online at, using the same system you’d order burgers and other items on the menu at the restaurant, for milk, bread, toilet paper, and other items you and your family may need, and then pick it up at a Frisch’s location.

Please note that the Tiffin location is not participating in this program. To confirm if your location is participating please contact your local Frisch’s store.

The full list of items being offered by Frisch’s Big Boy’s Market includes:

  • $1.99 Toilet Paper, 2 rolls
  • $3.99 2 Liters of Soda
  • $2.99 20 oz. Bottles of Soda
  • $2.99 8 Hoagie buns
  • $2.99 loaf of bread
  • $3.49 loaf of 12-grain bread
  • $1.19 cereal, single-serve
  • $2.99 12 burger buns
  • $2.99 12 soft shell tortillas
  • $2.99 1/2 gallon 2% white milk
  • $3.19 1/2 gallon whole chocolate milk
  • $1.99 12 dinner rolls
  • $3.79 12 dinner rolls
  • $3.79 24 dinner rolls
  • and more.

See the website for more information.

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