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City of Tiffin to spend nearly $1 million on paving projects




TIFFIN — Using a combination of funding from the Road and Bridge Levy and state funding, the City of Tiffin has budgeted almost $1 million for paving of streets in 2020.

Funding is to be split between two projects, the Annual Pavement Repair Program, estimated to cost $615,110, and North Washington Street and West Perry Street Ohio Public Works Commission Resurfacing Project, estimated to cost $334,890.

The annual paving program will be funded 100 percent by road and bridge levy funds and the North Washington and West Perry Street Project will be funded by a combination of levy funds a grant of $100,000 from OPWC and $100,000 from the State Highway Fund.

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz commented, “We’re continuing to see the positive effects of the passage of the Road and Bridge Levy, which has not only increased our regular paving program but allowed us to do other projects that we would have had to wait on. Thank you to the voters for their confidence in the city to use their tax dollars for the betterment of our community.”

In 2019, the City of Tiffin’s Paving Project had a total cost of $664,234.70, of which 30 percent or $199,270.41 was funded by the OPWC, thus, this year’s program will have an increase by 1.4 times the amount.

Prior to the passage of the Road and Bridge Levy, the City of Tiffin was investing $300,000-$400,000 annually toward street resurfacing.

City Engineer Matt Watson said, “I cannot continue to thank the voters enough for the passage of the Road and Bridge Levy. 2019 was the first step in the right direction toward properly investing in the future of our 89 miles of roadway and, this year, for the city to be able to further increase the funding be spent on our streets allows us to continue to implement the plan that was promised to the voters.”

Roads to be paved in 2020 include:

  • Circular Street from East Market Street to Coe Street
  • All of Edison Avenue
  • All of Fostoria Street
  • Grand Avenue from North Washington Street to Second Avenue
  • All of Leitner Avenue
  • All of Martin Street
  • North Washington Street from Six’s Corners to Northerly Corporation Limits
  • Ohio Avenue from Seneca Avenue to Clinton Avenue
  • Oil Street from West Market Street to Leitner Avenue
  • Olive Street from Erie Street to Water Street
  • All of Scheiber Street
  • Second Avenue from North Washington Street to North Sandusky Street
  • South River Road from Ella Street to the Cul-de-Sac
  • Tyber Road from North Water Street to SR 53
  • All of Union Street
  • West Perry Street from Sandusky Street to Wentz Street
  • Westwood Drive from Beechwood Drive to Cottonwood Drive

Alternate Bid:

  • Teakwood Drive from Miami Street to Teakwood Court

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