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Montz receives ‘get well soon’ cards from local students as he returns to work after surgery Staff




Montz opens and reads cards from local students (Facebook)

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz received a “pleasant surprise” this week when a batch of “get well soon” cards arrived at his home from local students.

“A pleasant surprise showed up this week from Calvert Catholic Schools in the form of ‘get well’ cards from the eighth grade class,” Montz said in a Facebook post.

“Definitely brings a smile to your face to receive such a thoughtful package of handwritten cards from the students,” Montz said.

Montz is set to return to work Monday following the surgery to repair a “large ruptured herniated disc.”

Montz underwent surgery in January and says he is “on the road to recovery.”

“The procedure took a little longer than expected due to some minor issues with my nerve which the large disc herniation was pressing against but nothing too serious. I sincerely appreciate all the positive energy and prayers you all have sent me these past few days,” Montz said in a Facebook post.

Many residents were curious as to how Montz ended up with a “large ruptured herniated disc.”

“I sneezed. Yes you read that correct,” Montz said.

The mayor explained he was walking downtown on the sidewalk to a meeting and “sneezed mid-stride.” He shared that it “literally” felt like he had been shot in the lower back.

“Since then I have walked with a limp and dealt with significant pain and numbness in my left leg due to the disc pressing against my sciatic nerve. Luckily, this procedure has a very high level of success and I should be good to go before long,” Montz said.

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