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Weeks have passed since 14-year-old Harley Dilly’s disappearance: Here’s what you need to know





UPDATE (Tuesday, Jan. 14): Body of 14-year-old Ohio boy Harley Dilly found dead in chimney: More details

More than two weeks have passed since 14-year-old Harley Dilly from Port Clinton, Ohio was reported missing.

Harley was last seen leaving for school on Friday, December 20 just before 7 a.m., according to Port Clinton Police.

Harley was an avid user of social media, and he posted a slew of Madden gaming videos online, among others, as he sought YouTube stardom; this is raising concern, as the teenager even posted his phone number with one video.

Authorities are aggressively searching for Harley, who is described as 101 pounds, 4’9″, and was last seen wearing a maroon puffer jacket.

Multiple agencies are involved in the search, including the FBI, US Marshals Service, and Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Here’s what we know so far.

Police have been called five times to the Dilly home since 2016

Port Clinton Police Chief Rob Hickman (left), missing 14-year-old Harley Dilly

Port Clinton Police have been called to Harley Dilly’s home five times since 2016, with at least four of the five calls being made by Heather Dilly, Harley’s mother.

Most of the calls were to “calm [Harley] down” or to settle a dispute within the household, according to police records.

Port Clinton Police Chief Rob Hickman previously said in a press conference that officers had once been called to the home after Harley previously left the home following a family argument, and he didn’t return in that instance until the next morning.

Harley was an avid YouTuber and some of his videos have raised concerns

The channel appears to be used by Harley to live stream video games and post “vlog” videos of his life.

In one of the videos posted March 2018, when Harley was just 12 years old, he shared his personal cell phone number and encouraged his viewers to call him.

“I’m going to leak my number in the title of this video. If you want to call me just wait until after it’s after 2:30 in Ohio,” he said in the clip, which lasted a little over a minute.

In another video posted in August 2019, titled “PLAYING MM20 FOR FUN *SORRYFORMYDAD*,” Harley is heard apologizing to viewers after his father begins screaming at another child in the home for spilling a drink.

“My dad’s being an asshole right now, my bad,” Harley said in the video.

In another video, Harley talks about how he was charged with menacing after setting up a fight between two classmates for which he planned to sell tickets so others could watch one of the boys get beat up.

Harley’s disappearance has been featured on national TV, including Live PD

ABC News, Live PD, and several other national television programs have featured Harley’s disappearance.

Harley’s mom says she doesn’t believe he is a runaway, says he “has a routine”

“I don’t believe that he was a runaway, I’m going to say it, I don’t care,” Heather said in a video live streamed to Facebook. “He’s not a runaway. This is not like him. He doesn’t do this stuff. He’s a momma’s boy. He has a routine.”

Heather has described Harley’s routine as “eating only certain foods” and “bathing multiple times a day” — sometimes up to 4 or 5 times per day, she said.

Police, however, have said they don’t have reason to believe Harley’s disappearance was the result of an abduction — but that was early-on.

Harley has an older sister who lives in Kansas

Dilly has an older sister who lives in Kansas, and authorities have searched her home and found no evidence that Harley made his way there, Port Clinton PD Chief Rob Hickman said.

Port Clinton Police are requesting security footage from local residents, businesses

The footage needed is from the following dates and times:

  • Thursday, December 19 from 3 p.m. to midnight
  • Friday, December 20 from midnight to December 21 at midnight

Security footage can be submitted to authorities at or by contacting the Port Clinton Police Department at (419) 734-3121.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is providing air support with helicopters, and local authorities are being assisted by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ohio BCI, U.S. Border Patrol, and U.S. Marshals Service.

Multiple groups and individuals have donated to a reward fund for information leading to Harley’s safe return

Several groups and individuals have made donations, including:

  • Friends of Liberty Aviation Museum – $455
  • Anonymous donor – $1,000
  • Donations through GoFundMe – $5,925
  • William Buskey – $100
  • Dwight D. Ramsdell – $250
  • Firelands Plumbing LLC – $500
  • Port Clinton Police Dept. and Ottawa Co. Prosecutor James VanEerten – $2,000
  • Bikers Against Abused and Neglected Children – $2,000
  • Susan and James Waingrow – $1,000
  • Fisherman’s Wharf and BeYoutiful Hair/Nail Salon – $2,000
  • Catawba Island Jewelers – $125
  • RadAir Complete Car Care – $2,200

If you know where Harley is, give police a call at 419-734-3121.

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