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Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz out of surgery, procedure took longer than expected: Here’s why



Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz announced Tuesday afternoon that he is out of surgery and “on the road to recovery.”

“The procedure took a little longer than expected due to some minor issues with my nerve which the large disc herniation was pressing against but nothing too serious. I sincerely appreciate all the positive energy and prayers you all have sent me these past few days,” Montz said in a Facebook post.

Many residents were curious as to how Montz ended up with a “large ruptured herniated disc.”

“I sneezed. Yes you read that correct,” Montz said.

The mayor explained he was walking downtown on the sidewalk to a meeting and “sneezed mid-stride.” He shared that it “literally” felt like he had been shot in the lower back.

“Since then I have walked with a limp and dealt with significant pain and numbness in my left leg due to the disc pressing against my sciatic nerve. Luckily, this procedure had a very high level of success and I should be good to go before long,” Montz said.

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