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Ohio teen beats leukemia, rings bell marking the end of over 3 years of chemotherapy




AKRON, Ohio — An Ohio teen defeated leukemia and rang the bell at Akron Children’s Hospital to mark the end of over 3 years of chemotherapy.

An emotional moment brought tears to the eyes of everyone there.

“Today was the happiest day of my life,” said 19-year-old Matt Driscoll.

“After 3 and a half years of receiving chemotherapy for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, I finally got my last treatment and got to ring the bell. This could not have been done without my family, friends, and God,” Driscoll said.

A post from the Akron Children’s Hospital page on Facebook says that on average, their Showers Family Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders cares for 8 newly diagnosed children with cancer each month.

“It’s moments like this that inspires us all. Best wishes to Matt for a healthy, bright future,” the post states.

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