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Tiffin Police Chief Fred Stevens shares why he’s running for Seneca County Sheriff




Tiffin Police Chief Fred Stevens, a candidate for Seneca County Sheriff in the March primary election, appears to be in it to win it — as he unveiled a new website and Facebook page for his campaign over the weekend.

“Like the 5 points of a Sheriff’s badge, I have 5 points that will best explain what I commit to do once elected Seneca County Sheriff in 2020,” Stevens said in a Facebook post.

Current Seneca County Sheriff Bill Eckelberry had submitted petitions to run for re-election, but withdrew them before last week’s candidate filing deadline. In addition to Stevens, two other candidates, David Pahl and Matt Huffman, will appear on the Republican primary ballot in March 2020.

Stevens said he is committed to community, professionalism, fiscal responsibility, quality of life issues, and accessibility. “Seneca County is a big county and needs and deserves the best person for the Office of Sheriff,” Stevens’ campaign website reads.

“Fred Stevens has the right qualifications and proven experience at the right time! He has taken two police departments and changed them for the better,” the website’s homepage says.

The website includes a detailed description of Stevens’ experience, including his military and law enforcement service:

“Fred Stevens enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 17 in 1985. He did 4 years of active duty Army service as an 11-Bravo (Infantryman). Army Reserve for 3 years as an Instructor teaching other soldiers how to soldier. Ohio Military Reserve for 3 years 2003-2006. Completed Officer Candidate School and obtained the rank of First Lieutenant (O-2). Up for Captain when he finished his term. He was a Company Commander of a Military Police unit for all 3 Years.

When Fred Stevens was Honorably Discharged he started working at Wood County Juvenile Detention Center in 1989 as a Juvenile Detention Officer. Completed Corrections Academy in 1990 and worked at the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio in Stryker, Ohio until moving to Michigan and working for a security company answering burglar alarms in Detroit and going to Oakland Community College for Law Enforcement. He then moved to Sandusky, Ohio and worked at Erie County Sheriff’s Department as a Corrections Officer and Prisoner Transport Officer and also at Marblehead Police Department where he went to the academy and served as a part-time Police Officer until obtaining his full-time job at Tiffin Police Department in 1993.

While at TPD he worked his first 6 years as a Road Patrol Officer. In 1998 he was assigned to the Detective Division for 1 ½ years until he was promoted to Sergeant in 2000. Fred then spent the next 10 years as a Sergeant with increasing responsibilities and worked all shifts.

Fred applied directly after 9/11 to work the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002 and took 3 weeks of his own vacation / leave time to fly out and work as an unpaid police officer for the Salt Lake City Police Department and helped protect the visitors to the Utah Winter Olympics. He was assigned to the Medal Winners Plaza and also helped protect the bands that played nightly to over 20,000 people after the medals were awarded. Little did he know this experience would come in handy later in his career. In 2016, the 15 year anniversary of 9/11, Tiffin hosted the Patriot Day Country Concert at the Seneca County Fairgrounds and Chief Stevens set up all the security for the event which went off without an issue.

Also during this time he applied for and became the part-time Chief of Police for the village of Republic, Ohio. From Oct. 2003 until Oct. 2006 he worked 20 hours a week in addition to his 40 hours a week at Tiffin.

With the economic downturn in Tiffin in 2008-2009 he voluntarily took a Leave of Absence from September 2009 through October 2010 to serve in Afghanistan. Because of his rank and seniority that monetary savings saved a couple of just hired officers from being laid off.

Upon his return in late 2010 a Lieutenant retired and he took the civil service test and was promoted to Lieutenant in January of 2011. The former chief resigned in January of 2012 and he was named the Interim Chief of Police from January 2012 until he was eventually selected, after a nationwide search, as Chief of Police in August of 2012.”

Will Stevens get your vote? Let us know in the comments.

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