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Greyhound is giving free tickets to runaways who want to return home Staff




As the holidays draw to a close, Greyhound is reminding people of their long-standing efforts to help runaways reunite with their families or legal guardians.

For over a decade, Greyhound Lines has partnered with the National Runaway Safeline — an organization that seeks to keep runaway and homeless youth safe — to reunite young people with their families and guardians.

Greyhound works with the National Runaway Safeline to make sure runaway kids have a ticket home to get back to their families or legal guardians.

To be eligible for a Greyhound ticket home, the child has to call the NRS helpline, be between 12 and 21 years old, be named on a runaway report and be willing to be reunited with their family (and vice versa).

Home Free can only be used on two occasions by the same person.

Greyhound also provides a free ticket for the parent or legal guardian if the young person is under the age of 15.

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