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Uptick in cases of eyelash lice prompt doctor warnings Staff




If you’re a fan of eyelash extensions or you wear them often, you may want to think about the last time you cleaned them.

A new warning comes after doctors have noticed an uptick in lash lice or Demodex, which is reported in users who do not wash eyelash extensions enough or at all, KTRK reports.

Symptoms include itchiness, redness and inflammation, and what may be even more alarming, the lice.

This lack of cleaning leads to a buildup of bacteria which can lead to a potentially dangerous eye infection.

Doctors said the eyelash lice are similar to head lice in that they can jump and be transferred.

Treatment includes topical ointments, tea tree oil, and just proper hygiene.

To be safe, doctors say it’s a good idea to give your eyelids a break from lash extensions every now and then.

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