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Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz re-elected for third term




TIFFIN — Aaron Montz, who ran unopposed, won re-election Tuesday night for a third term as Tiffin’s mayor.

“My mission is simple — to make life better for all Tiffin residents, businesses, students, and visitors,” Montz said.

“Creating an environment where existing businesses want to and are able to grow, while at the same time attracting new ones, will continue to be a top priority of my administration,” Montz said. “We want Tiffin to be safe and secure, and we work hard to make every dollar count, increase our efficiency, and obtain all the grants we can. We have a tremendous team in place, and they are doing an outstanding job.”

Montz vowed to work with city council, residents, businesses, students, and visitors to “continue the progress and initiatives that characterized the first two terms.”

“We’re at a critical time,” said Montz. “We have to keep pushing forward and build a legacy for all Tiffinites that will last for generations to come.”

Montz was first elected mayor in November 2011. He is a 2004 graduate of Tiffin Columbian High School and a 2008 graduate of Heidelberg University (BA) where he studied History and Political Science.

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