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Tiffin preschool teacher charged after coming into school drunk, having alcohol on her while teaching Staff




TIFFIN — A Tiffin preschool teacher has been charged after coming into the school intoxicated.

Heather Holben, 49, of Tiffin, was charged Tuesday with first-degree misdemeanor child endangerment.

Holben, who has been a teacher at the Family Learning Center for over 20 years, was found to be intoxicated while she was performing teaching duties at the school last week, according to court records.

Holben had a blood alcohol level of 0.159 when a breathalyzer test was administered by police, court records state.

At the school, Holben was responsible for students ranging from 3 to 5 years old, according to court records.

Her drinking was made known to administrators after a student teacher had noted Holben was pouring alcohol into a sports bottle.

Police found a half-empty bottle of Kamchatka vodka and a full bottle of Kamchatka; an opened bottle of Four Freedoms vodka as well as an empty bottle of Four Freedoms vodka; an unopened can of Natural Light; an unopened can of Truly Hard Seltzer; and a sports bottle; which contained alcohol and was found in the school, according to court records.

North Central Ohio Educational Service Center, which operates the Family Learning Center, could not be reached for comment as of Wednesday.

Holben has pleaded not guilty and is being represented by attorney John Kahler, according to court records.

This is a developing story.

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