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Ohio high school ditches king and queen gender roles, elects two girls as homecoming royalty Staff




MILFORD, OH — A high school in Ohio is making headlines for their decision to change the way it did homecoming this year.

Milford High School had two girls become homecoming royalty instead of having a male king and female queen at Friday night’s football game.

“This year, because the ‘king and queen’ are two female students, they will be referred to as ‘Homecoming Royalty.’ This change in terminology was made to reflect the voice of Milford’s student body and to ensure all students have the opportunity to feel included,” a statement from the high school stated.

Abbey Stropes and Trinity Miller were voted as the homecoming royalty this year.

The school said it will not use the terms king and queen to refer to the two students who get the highest votes from students moving forward.

“Choosing students for Homecoming Court is a long-standing tradition that has always been completely decided by student votes, and this year is no different,” said Nancy House, Superintendent. “Congratulations to the 14 students who were picked by their peers to represent their class as Homecoming Royalty and Court.”

Historically, the king and queen have been senior students and the court is made up of students of all grades.

This year, based on nominations submitted by the senior class, a girl was on the ballot as one of the students eligible to be voted as “king”. She ended up getting the most votes from her classmates and was named Homecoming Royalty.

“The selection of our Homecoming Royalty is an opportunity for our students to have their voice heard. I fully support the voice and choice demonstrated by our students in selecting this year’s Homecoming Royalty,” said Josh Kauffman, Milford High School Principal.

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