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New details unveiled after Fostoria home invasion leaves one dead, two shot Staff




FOSTORIA, Ohio — The Fostoria Police Department says a home invasion led to a shootout that left one of the intruders dead.

At approximately 11:36 pm, October 19, 2019, Fostoria Police received a call for individuals breaking into a residence located at 243 W. Lytle Street, Fostoria.

The caller, a male, stated that two individuals had broken into his residence and during a struggle, the owner had been shot and that one of the intruders was also shot. The female occupant of the residence was not injured.

Officers arrived and found an occupant of the home with a bullet wound and he was subsequently taken to the hospital by Fostoria Fire Division where he was treated and later released. One of the intruders had also been shot and was dead on arrival.

Currently, the investigation is continuing, and it appears that this residence was the only target.

It is further reported that a second intruder was present and escaped prior to arrival of the officers. It is possible that the second intruder may have been shot as well. The second intruder is described as a black male, estimated to be aged between 20-30 years and his face was covered to prevent being identified.

Fostoria Police were assisted by the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio BCI, Seneca County Prosecutors Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol, CERT and the Seneca County Coroner.

The deceased has yet to be identified and this investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information that could lead to the identification of the intruders are encouraged to call the Fostoria Police Division at (419) 435-8573.

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