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Man calls Ohio police department to demand cops return his ‘really f**king good weed’




SHARONVILLE, OH — It appears some people may have gotten the wrong message when it comes to whether or not you are legally allowed to have a small amount of marijuana.

“I want my motherf**king weed back,” an Ohio man told cops at the Sharonville Police Department when he called to report that two police officers had “stolen” 4 grams of his “prestige weed.”

The department posted an audio clip of the phone call on its Facebook page as a reminder that recreational marijuana is not actually legal in the state.

“I need to do a complaint about two Sharonville cops. They stole my f**king weed last night,” said the caller, whose name was redacted to protect his identity. “It was only like 4 grams but it was prestige f**king weed. And from what I know 100 grams is cool right?” “You are wrong,” replied the sergeant, who managed to keep his cool during the call.

“We feel that some people may be a bit in the weeds so we would like to take this opportunity to clear the haze,” the post from the police department reads.

“Dude where have you been the past two months?” the caller then asked the cop, “two months ago it passed that 100 grams you guys don’t take it, no ticket!” The sergeant informed the man that weed is not, in fact, legal in the county, but the caller insists, “I’m allowed to have up to 100 grams, I know the law, I know my f**king rights!” The man spelled out his full name to the cops, but when he realized his mistake, he told the cops his wife’s name is Marilyn Manson. Sharonville police posted the audio with a caption reminding people that “recreational marijuana is still ILLEGAL.”

Sharonville police say they want people to know recreational marijuana is still illegal per state law.

Perhaps the caller was confused about Cincinnati’s new ordinance that decriminalizes up to 100 grams of marijuana for recreational use in the city.

The measure was passed by City Council in June and went into effect in July.

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