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Coked up FedEx driver busted while making delivery to Seneca County Sheriff’s Office




TIFFIN, OH — A coked up FedEx driver was arrested Wednesday after telling cops he had used cocaine at a party the night before.

Matthew S. Carmel, 40, of Mansfield, was making a delivery to the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office when a dispatcher noticed he was acting strange. The dispatcher told a deputy of the sheriff’s office that Carmel was walking around in circles and swaying.

Carmel also struck a box he was carrying, according to the police report. He was charged with physical control, a first-degree misdemeanor, after telling Deputy Mark Lawson that he had used cocaine the night before at a party, and then went home to sleep.

Physical control is similar to an Ohio OVI/Ohio DUI charge in that it deals with being in a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs of abuse with one exception, the charge of physical control does not require that the vehicle have ever been driven or even started.

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