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Sandusky County Fairgrounds safe after report of bomb threat sends attendees ‘running to safety’




Last Updated: Sat. Aug. 24, 2019 at 11:04 PM

FREMONT, OH ( News) — A report of a bomb threat following a fight caused officials to evacuate the Sandusky County Fairgrounds on Saturday evening.

According to a source familiar with the situation, a fight broke out at the fairgrounds shortly before 10 PM. During the fight, a bystander reported to law enforcement that they had heard mention of a “bomb or other explosive device.”

An announcement then came over the loudspeakers telling everyone to leave the fairgrounds immediately, and a source who was at the fair tells News the announcement “sent people running for their lives.” A “massive police response” was seen en route to the fairgrounds as people were leaving, according to the source.

Police say the fairgrounds is safe and there is no threat of a bomb, adding that it was “just a raucous fight” and that the situation has been handled.

“Honestly can’t do anything anymore in Fremont without a fight breaking out or a bomb threat at the fair. Glad we enjoyed it while it lasted,” one woman posted on Facebook following the evacuation. “Nothing scarier than running for your life while trying to make sure your family is out first. I’m beyond disappointed in what the world is coming too.”

This is a developing story.

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