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Bascom woman sued by son after he was removed from her business by police




BASCOM, OH ( News) — A new lawsuit has been filed in Seneca County Common Pleas Court by a Findlay man who says his mother is denying him access to the family business.

Travis Tiell filed a lawsuit against his mother, Deborah Tiell, and another individual, Kit Tiell, who are members of the Tiell Financial Group in Bascom.

According to court records, Travis Tiell was hired to work for Tiell Financial Group in 2011 and was ordered to be removed from the business premises on August 7, 2019 by a Seneca County Sheriff’s Office Deputy.

The lawsuit states that the defendants, Deborah Tiell and Kit Tiell, ordered Travis’s removal from the property.

According to a police report obtained from the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy was requested at the property for an employee, Travis Tiell, who was “asked to leave and had refused.”

Tiell was also served with a no-trespass notice, which he says in the lawsuit makes it “impossible for [him] to carry on his duties and responsibilities of the company.”

Tiell alleges in the lawsuit that he has been denied access to finances, income, and other information regarding the business.

Judge Steve Shuff of the Seneca County Common Pleas Court will oversee the case.

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