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Opinion | MAGA crowd is just playing itself again with new Nike boycott





TIFFIN, OH ( Opinion) — The MAGA crowd is back at it again after Nike decided not to run a special 4th of July edition of its sneakers featuring the Betsy Ross version of the American Flag due to its ties with racism and slavery.

Blaming Colin Kaepernick and political correctness, folks with right-leaning politics have a new boycott rallying call but it appears misguided.

The hashtag #WalkAwayFromNike began trending Wednesday morning (July 3) and the responses have ranged from users saying that the sports apparel company has betrayed American values, to place all of this on Kap and his continued fight for social awareness.

Just like MAGA Twitter’s last boycott, this current incarnation has spawned jokes and slander, which we’ve got featured below.

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