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Fostoria cops reportedly ‘stop & frisk’ black man riding bicycle, stirring controversy on social media




FOSTORIA, OH ( News) — Early Friday morning, police reportedly attempted to stop a black male riding his bicycle … with no apparent reason, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Around 1:20 AM Friday, Fostoria Police attempted to stop the male riding his bicycle on Fremont St. near Town St.

The unidentified man failed to stop immediately, but when he eventually came to a stop, police reportedly frisked him and asked for identification, according to a source.

“He had no idea why he was being stopped, he was doing nothing wrong,” the source, who asked for their identity to be concealed, said.

The source told News that after searching the man and finding nothing of suspicious nature, the police confiscated the bicycle for an “unknown reason,” and the man had to instead walk.

According to Seneca County Scanner Uncensored, a Facebook group that monitors local emergency scanner feeds, police described the man as a “light skin black male, black shorts, tattoos, muscular build, and white socks.”

It is unclear why police stopped the man and wanted to frisk and identify him, leading some Facebook users to question if the move was racially motivated.

“Bicycling while black is apparently illegal in Fostoria! Beware!!”, one user said.

“Just because he didn’t want to stop doesn’t mean he’s a criminal, maybe he’s just tired of being pulled over for nothing!,” a local woman said.

“What was the reason he was being stopped?” was a question frequently asked by users who commented on the post.

Other users defended the police and shamed those who were questioning them. “No wonder this town is falling apart. It’s filled with garbage people who hate the police. Until they need them that is, then they won’t hesitate to call for help. Pathetic,” one man commented.

Attempts to reach the Fostoria Police Division for comment were unsuccessful.

This is a developing story.

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