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Aichholz renews claim of anti-wind yard signs being stolen, offers $500 reward for info




TIFFIN, OH ( News) — Seneca Anti-Wind Union leader Chris Aichholz again claimed on Monday that yard signs representing his group are being “stolen” from local properties.

“The thieves are back at it again and we are willing to pay up to $500 to a group/individual that has proven accurate/critical information that leads to their arrest,” a 2018 post from Aichholz on the SAWU Facebook page states.

Aichholz again shared the post on Monday, insinuating that the thieves are “back at it again” for round 2.

“Enough is enough and it is time for this to end NOW!!!,” Aichholz stated.

The group is apparently offering a $500 cash reward for information leading to the “thief’s arrest,” according to the post.

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