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Mayor Montz responds to rumors of Tiffin getting a Golden Corral restaurant




TIFFIN, OH — Mayor Aaron Montz responded to speculation of Tiffin getting a Golden Corral buffet restaurant on Twitter this week.

“What Tiffin really needs is a Golden Corral,” Twitter user Greg Huffman tweeted to Montz.

“We’ve tried, they have zero interest,” Montz replied.

Although Tiffin isn’t getting a Golden Corral, there is no shortage of new businesses opening in the area.

Check out some of the new businesses opening in Tiffin soon, and ones that have opened recently:

Montz announces opening date for Panda Express in Tiffin

Penn Station East Coast Subs to open first restaurant in Tiffin

New creative business opens in Tiffin

Mobile vehicle detailing business opens in Tiffin — They come to you!

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