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City of Fostoria renames street after hometown figure and NFL player Micah Hyde




FOSTORIA, OH — The City of Fostoria unveiled the new name of Stadium Dr. on Saturday.

Stadium Dr., the street leading to the Fostoria Memorial Stadium, will now be called Micah Hyde Drive, named after the NFL safety for the Buffalo Bills who was born and raised in the Fostoria area.

“Growing up, I was fortunate to be heavily involved in sports. Though I was given the opportunity to do so, I witnessed the obstacles my family had to face in order to provide my opportunities, not only for myself, but my siblings as well. With all of these activities came costs that were not easy for my mother to attain. I can remember being responsible for insurance and participation fees, travel costs along with purchasing the equipment needed. If it were not for my mom doing all that she could do, along with a support system that we were able to fall back on, I would not be where I am today. I know there are many kids that face similar circumstances, but unfortunately, they do not have a support system to depend on. That’s why the IMagINe for Youth Foundation is here to give children the support they need in order to participate,” Hyde said of his foundation, IMagINe for Youth.

“Looking back, being involved in athletics was more than Xs and Os. I learned to take the good with the bad, the bad with the good, and playing with countless personalities taught me how to coexist and be a team player. These are fundamentals that stuck with me. I believe sports is a gateway to learning how to be successful in the real world. I strongly believe that every child deserves the same opportunity to learn and experience those successes,” Hyde continued.

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