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Seneca County Commissioners rescind Alternative Energy Zone in victory for anti-winders




TIFFIN, OH — Seneca County Commissioners voted 2-1 Thursday to rescind the alternative energy zone put in place in 2011 by a previous board, marking a win for anyone in Seneca County opposed to wind projects coming into the community.

The change in the county will officially take place on June 30th of this year.

Holly Stacy voted against the resolution to rescind the AEZ, and Mike Kerschner and Shayne Thomas voted in favor of it.

The AEZ made Seneca County a much more appealing area for wind companies.

The current projects, Seneca Wind and Republic Wind, will be grandfathered in with the AEZ, but if they have to re-submit their applications, that will not apply.

Chris Aichholz, spokesman for the local anti-wind organization, said “We consider today’s decision by the commissioners to rescind the alternative energy zone another achievement. These types of successes only come as a result of our tireless efforts to educate the community on the industrial wind turbine projects being proposed for our county.”

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