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WATCH: Anti-wind leader confused when police order her to leave Apex event




TIFFIN, OH — A newly-released clip from the Seneca Anti-Wind Union shows one of its leaders being ejected from a wind energy informational session in Norwalk by authorities.

The clip shows Deb Hay, one of the leading members of the Seneca Anti-Wind Union, attending an informational session about the Emerson Creek Project at the Bronson-Norwalk Conservation League on November 15.

Representatives for Apex Clean Energy, which hosted the event, said Hay is known to the group as an “anti-wind crusader” and that she began approaching people at the event to share her views. Although the event was open to the public, the venue was rented as a private event so that Apex could have anyone escorted out if they deemed it necessary.

The Apex representative shown in the video reportedly asked Hay to leave prior to having the sheriff’s deputies who were on-scene get involved. After being approached by the deputies, who explained that the host of the event was requesting her to leave, Hay appeared to be in disbelief that the host of the event could legally require her to leave.

“Are you going to discriminate against me because I’m not for the turbines? So you’re saying that’s accurate, that they can make me leave? Just because they say I have to leave… Because it’s their event?,” Hay asked one of the deputies.

The deputy explained to Hay that Apex had every right to ask her to leave as the hosts of the event, and if she did not leave she could be charged with trespassing. Hay voluntarily left the building. It was likely Hay was present at the meeting to hand out opposition material to attendees.

Watch below:

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