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Montz shares New Year’s message in Instagram post, readies for 2019 election




TIFFIN, OH — Tiffin Mayor Aaron D. Montz (R) shared his New Year’s message in an Instagram post shortly after the ball dropped early Tuesday morning.

“Happy New Year!!! We have big things in store for the City of Tiffin in 2019, so stay tuned. This year is going to be another huge year for our community with many exciting projects in the pipeline. I appreciate the last seven years of support that the voters have given me and hope there are many more to come. May 2019 bring you and your family joy, health, and happiness,” Montz said.

Montz announced in August his intention to run for a third term as the Mayor of Tiffin, Ohio. Mayor Montz’s first two terms have been characterized by a robust economy, thriving downtown, increased safety, better infrastructure, stronger finances, and an overall enhanced quality of life. “My mission is simple — to make life better for all Tiffin residents, businesses, students, and visitors.”

Since Montz took office at the beginning of 2012, the Tiffin area has seen the announcement of more than 2,100 new jobs and $460 million in new investment in hundreds of projects. Every year since taking office, the community has ranked in the top ten percent of the country’s 536 non-metro micropolitans for economic development activity. For three of those years, including 2017 and 2018, Tiffin placed in the top ten nationally. Growth has been occurring across all sectors, including manufacturing, education, service, retail, and health and recreation.

“Creating an environment where existing businesses want to and are able to grow, while at the same time attracting new ones, will continue to be a top priority of my administration,” Montz said.

Sound fiscal policies and strategic investments have also resulted in a balanced budget, stronger safety forces, and major new transformative projects. Since taking office, the City has a strong carryover and balanced budget. The city was also just named one of the safest college towns nationwide, and crime has been cut by more than 70 percent. This year, the fire department was rated among the top ten percent in the country and received a $1 million grant for a new ladder truck to better service the community. The City is also spending more money on roads and bridges than ever before, and the water and sewer infrastructure investments continue to be made, setting Tiffin up perfectly for growth and continued development well into the future.

“We want Tiffin to be safe and secure, and we work hard to make every dollar count, increase our efficiency, and obtain all the grants we can. We have a tremendous team in place, and they are doing an outstanding job,” Montz declared.

Tiffin City Council President Mark Hayes agreed. “There is too much momentum, and it would
be too risky to change leadership now. Montz is a dynamic leader and consensus builder. The last thing we want to do is stop or slow down our progress.”

If elected to a third term, Montz vows to work with City Council, residents, businesses, students, and visitors to continue the progress and initiatives that characterized the first two terms. He will remain focused on fiscal responsibility, strategic investment, jobs, safety, better infrastructure, downtown revitalization, and becoming more of a college town. “We’re at a critical time,” said Montz. “We have to keep pushing forward and build a legacy for all Tiffinites that will last for generations to come.”

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