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Montz delivers remarks at annual Science Fair, underlines importance of education




TIFFIN, OH — The Tiffin Middle School held their annual Science Fair on the campus of Tiffin University Friday.

“There were so many well thought out projects, and it was obvious that students from Tiffin City Schools had done their research and were well prepared,” Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said in a Facebook post where he shared photos of the event.

“I delivered remarks on the importance of staying in school and obtaining an education and explained my background story of running for Mayor while still a senior in high school. I must say, the science projects were top notch and there was not a single sub-par project in the entire place,” Montz continued.

“I came away extremely impressed with the worth ethic that these students had on display today. Congratulations to you all!,” Montz proclaimed.

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