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Congressional candidate Janet Garrett opens up about domestic abuse




OBERLIN, OH — Janet Garrett, the Democratic candidate for Ohio’s 4th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives, released a video Wednesday outlining her past experiences with domestic abuse.

“My ex-husband came home drunk one night, and beat the hell out of me,” Garrett said.

“I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911, he grabbed the phone and threw it across the floor. Started beating me again… I really thought he was going to kill me,” Garrett said.

“It was the most terrifying experience I’ve had in my entire life. I have never shied away from talking about my experience, because I want other women to know this is something that goes on, and there is life after being in an abusive relationship. But I’m running for Congress now, and I have found my voice. And I want other women to know they can find their voice too,” Garrett continued in the video.

Garrett is challenging incumbent Rep. Jim Jordan (R) for his seat. Jordan has announced his intentions to run for House Speaker, saying his top priorities would be dismantling Obamacare, ending funds for Planned Parenthood, and supporting President Donald Trump’s border wall.

Watch Garrett’s video below:

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