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Tear down the Tiffin Mall? Not so fast, with new developments in store




TIFFIN, OH — The future of the Tiffin Mall has more or less been a mystery for a while now. The mall has changed owners several times, rumors have floated of plans to demolish the building, and more.

However, at least for now, it looks like the Tiffin Mall is here to stay. With Wednesday’s news of Planet Fitness, a nationwide chain of 24-hour fitness centers, planning to open a location in the Tiffin Mall, it looks like the property will continue to be developed as-is.

What other developments could possibly slated for the mall? We know that Magic Tunnel Car Wash, a full-service vehicle wash facility, plans to open in the outer parking lot area of the mall — but what will be interesting to see is what else is in the works for INSIDE the mall.

A group of Tiffinites that may be most relieved by the news of the mall’s continuation (at least for now) are fans of Xcaret Mexican Restaurant — one of just a few businesses still operating in the property. If the mall closes or is demolished, where will our great Mexican restaurant relocate to?

Planet Fitness will be a great addition to the mall, and hopefully it attracts more development in the area! Tiffin is on the move, folks!

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