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Tiffin funeral director releases statement regarding unprofessional conduct




TIFFIN, OH — Local funeral director Eric Shook and his wife, Jennifer Shook, released a statement Saturday evening in response to the revelations published in the Advertiser-Tribune regarding Mr. Shook’s unprofessional conduct.

The Advertiser-Tribune reported Saturday that Shook admitted he committed unprofessional conduct by filing a false insurance claim. Shook is the funeral director of Engle-Shook Funeral Home & Crematory, 135 N. Washington St., Tiffin.

Shook allegedly filed an insurance claim even though he knew another home was conducting the funeral services, the article states.

Shook released a statement Saturday night on Facebook:

“We would like to make a statement in response to the article regarding unprofessional conduct. We find it unfortunate that this was published before either notifying us, or considering our perspective.

First, we would like to explain the circumstance of the situation. There was money put into a prearrangement account at our funeral home many years ago of an amount of $348.63. The person of these funds had passed away and had services at another funeral home, not aware that money was still in a prearrangement company at our funeral home.

Eric knowing the individual had passed away, then claimed these funds to give back to the family. He knew once the claim was made the family of the deceased would be contacted and informed that the funds were now available. Then the family would receive a refund for the amount that was there, $348.63. The family did receive this amount.

Eric was unaware by claiming the money he was doing something wrong, he was only claiming the money to get it back to the family.

The funeral director in charge of this family’s services at the other funeral home was informed of the claim, he chose to file a complaint reporting Eric to the State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers.

We have fully cooperated through this process and have accepted full responsibility for our actions. This incident was pure oversight, and was in no way an intended act of deceit. We care very deeply about the families whom we serve and strive to provide exceptional service. Beyond business, we have established ourselves as honest, caring, hard-working people, and are saddened that our integrity is being judged due to a genuine mistake. Please accept our appologies and know that we will continue to provide outstanding service and do all we can for all families we serve.

Eric and Jennifer Shook

P.S. Also a huge thank you to all our family and friends for their support and kind words, it all means more to us than you’ll ever know!”

Several Tiffin locals jumped on the Advertiser-Tribune’s post of the article, defending Shook and saying there is “more to the story.”

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